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Jerry West

Jerry West, Leading an SEO Revolution

The “Bad Boy” of SEO? Well that's just the question I asked this month’s Merchant Spotlight winner, Jerry West of SEORevolution.com. The answer he gave shows that it takes a relentless pursuit of what really works right now and the willingness to boldly state the truth, no matter what others … [Read the full story...]

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Retargeting – The Key to Higher Conversions

Want to increase your conversions AND get the maximum out of your advertising dollar? You can, and it's easier than you might think. They call the technique "Retargeting" -  CLICK HERE for more … [Read More...]

Your Reputation

A Reputation Management Epic Fail

Picture this... You’re a small business – a medical group in a major city. You’re going about your day just the way you always do, thinking everything is honky-dory. Or so you think anyway.... … [Read More...]


Are Facebook Fanpages & Fans Really Worthless?

So the other day I read a really well written article titled "10 Reasons Why Facebook Fanpage “Likes” (or fans) are Worthless!" It made a great argument for it's premise, had some interesting … [Read More...]

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New Autoresponder Upgrades!

It’s already more than half-way through November 2014, and it’s time for another release. Today's Autoresponder release … [Continue...]

Leadpages Logo

Leadpages Integration for 1AutomationWiz

Leadpages Integration 1AutomationWiz: Click here to watch the video During the last update of our email system we completely rebuilt our web … [Continue...]

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Recurring Billing Software Update

Recurring billing creates a consistent revenue stream for your business. We make recurring billing easy for your and your customers So we've … [continue...]


Ad Tracking Software

How do you know if an advertising campaign is successful when your ad is running in multiple places at once? You have to use something called … [continue...]


Preventing Comment Spam Automatically

Today I'm going to give you a quick tip on how you can automatically prevent comments from every appearing on your blog. While there are … [continue...]

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