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Conversions Skyrocket with New Design

I am super excited to officially announce the launch of the all new, redesigned from the ground up, 1AutomationWiz.com web site!The new site we launched this month is a complete redesign paring down over 112 pages in our previous design to just 12 to the point easy to read and navigate pages in this new … [Read More...]

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Jerry West

Jerry West, Leading an SEO Revolution

The “Bad Boy” of SEO? Well that's just the question I asked this month’s Merchant Spotlight winner, Jerry West of SEORevolution.com.The answer he gave shows that it takes a relentless pursuit of what really works right now and the willingness to boldly state the truth, no matter what others … [Read the full story...]

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Leadpages Logo

Leadpages Integration for 1AutomationWiz

Leadpages Integration 1AutomationWiz: Click here to watch the videoDuring the last update of our email system we completely rebuilt our web form creator from the ground up, and it's awesome by … [Read More...]


Getting a “Do Over”

Not that long ago I had a conversation with Andy Jenkins about a very  powerful concept.  The “Do Over.”The “Do Over.” In golf they call it a “mulligan.” It simply means you get “Do it … [Read More...]

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New Autoresponder Upgrades!

It’s already more than half-way through November 2014, and it’s time for another release. Today's Autoresponder release … [Continue...]

Contact Tags

Segmenting Email Lists Using Tags – Training Video

So here we are and Autumn is upon us. This month we have focused on the Manage Contacts section of the application.After deprecating the … [Continue...]

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Jerry West & Matt Cutts

Jerry West On Affiliate Marketing

This week my friend (often mentor) SEO / Affiliate Marketing Expert Jerry West was invited to speak at PubCon this year in Las Vagas and spills … [continue...]


List Building With Your Thank You Pages?

Listen as the owner of 1AutomationWiz.com I see too many people overlook easy opportunities to grow their brand / business all the time. Thank … [continue...]

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