New Google Analytics Integration Update

Google Analytics Integration

Google Analytics gives you the power to measure all your website analytics, and we just finished the update of our integration of the Google analytics scripts so that you can get the most information possible out of your data.

With this new information, can make better decisions about where to spend your marketing dollars while increasing your opt-ins, product orders, conversion rates, and revenue.

  • Our new update uses the most recent Google tracking script
  • We now supports Ecommerce tracking from within Google Analytics – just turn it on
  • Now tracks data within Up-Sell Express funnels, giving full visibility into up-sell purchase process
  • Support and tracking is now included on our ALL system hosted pages

To upgrade/setup the Google Analytics update, just login to your account,  go to the Setup menu and look under Third Party Integrations and follow the step-by-step instructions.

But we didn’t stop there… We added  two Really Cool Email Marketing Enhancements!

1) Duplicate Your Autoresponder Campaigns with a Single Click!

Now, you can duplicate any of your autoresponder series with a single click of a button. This is a huge time saver you want to create a copy of an entire autoresponder campaign.

2) Prevent Spam Sign Ups through Opt-in Forms

We also updated our automated spam blocking algorithm, and this month we’ve given you more power to prevent your web forms from being spammed.

Now use the Blacklist tools under the Orders menu to block specific Email Addresses and IP Addresses from filling out your web forms in addition to your order forms – forever!

3) Track Spam Complaints for your Broadcasts

We’ve added a new metric in your broadcast reporting summary that now shows you how many spam complaints your mailings generated for each email send.

This metric is an important measure for your campaigns and can help you manage delivery rates by developing content that engages your subscriber base and help improve your “spam score”.



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