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Jennie HK

Jennie HK

While many people follow the life cycle of attending college, enjoying some travel, getting married and having children, there are many women who find their lives lack luster.

In fact, with statistics like this one reported by the Confidence Coalition (10/02/12), “Women are devalued in the workplace, making only 76% of their male peers’ salaries…” it’s no wonder that women are often unclear as to how to proceed in the workplace today.

But not all women let life hold them back. Let us introduce you to Jennie HK.

Jennie always had a pretty “sorted life” where things always worked out. She boasts having a pretty enviable lifestyle which included four and half years of travelling post university and then settling in London, still managing a couple of months sabbatical most years. Life was in flow, life was good.

And then she had kids.

“Priorities changed…until one day I woke up to realize that I had stopped living this life of flow. I had stopped growing, and as the kids grew I realized things had become monotonous. Although I was working, I wasn’t inspired, and it got to the point that I started to resent my husband for having an exciting life out of home.”

Jennie then went on a mission to work out what she wanted to do in life, for the next 30 – 40 years. After various goal setting scenarios, she realized that what she did naturally was inspire other people, especially women, to live their lives in this way, too, i.e. to choose what they really wanted and then go after it, rather live restricted

“Amazing, until one day it reached a point when it came to a head-on during an idyllic holiday inAustralia, where in theory everything should have been fine. Totally irrational, I lost the plot with him, at which point he told me to stop being such a bloody martyr and choose to do something.  That told me. I realized that I had stopped choosing life and was living by circumstance, something I had always sworn I wouldn’t do.”

So she went to the States and was personally trained by Bob Proctor and Paul Martinelli in their Life Success Consultant program. Then she came back to the UK to set up her own mentoring / coaching practice.

It has evolved in time, and has had its ups and downs, but she loves what she does. She now focuses on helping women who want to take themselves to the next level, both in business and life, and start living through choice. Jennie helps them discover what their next significant thing is.

Success Coach Growth

Initially it was all about getting clarity about what I wanted to do as I had no idea to start with. I knew I wanted my own thing but didn’t know what.

Then when Jennie did know and started her own business, her success actually took off very quickly. Before she knew it, she had more clients than she could handle.

She was running face to face groups which meant people were constantly streaming through her house. Unfortunately this meant that her husband would end up having to eat dinner in the kitchen and thus life became increasingly difficult at home.

“Eventually I burnt out, plus, whenever I went away (we go to Australia for a couple of months a year) the business would stop because I wasn’t physically there.”

So Jennie put a stop to it, as it was compromising her values. She decided to learn everything she could about creating an online business. She spent a lot of money on courses and lost track a little of what her true passion was (empowering and inspiring women) and found herself sucked into the Internet marketing scene.

However, after running a telesummit, Jennie took a break and reassessed what she was doing. It was at that point she had the urge to write a book which was the best thing she could have done as the content literally fell out of her and enabled her to structure “what” and “how” she would do.

One thing that she attributes her business growth to is automation. She uses the 1AutomationWiz autoresponders and email broadcast tools to seamlessly stay touch with her clients. And through these pre-programmed communications, the tools allow elements of her business to run with a hands-off approach.

Jennie HK promotes her weekly TV show which people can subscribe to at and her book, “I’m Back: How to Get Your Passion, Purpose and Identity Back When Your Kids Go to School” available at Amazon, where she helps women get their mojo back.

“There are so many smart, dynamic women out there that are either stuck or wasted because of the mindset that they are in, about what is possible for them,” said Jennie. “For me, there is nothing more satisfying watching women flourish.”

Jennie helps these women step over their circumstances, peel back the objections and help them get clarity on what they would really love to do or how to take what they are doing to the next level.

Jennie HK’s goal is to have a business that she can run anywhere in world, with a committed team turning over 6 figures.

“I would like to become theUK’s leading success and lifestyle mentor for dynamic women wanting to have an impact on the world.”

Learn more about Jennie HK at: . Contact her at: or visit her at: Facebook, YouTube or LinkedIn.

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