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What is it? – The 1AutomationWiz email marketing system allows merchants to create various Autoresponder campaigns which send a series of emails to subscribers automatically based upon a specific action (making an order, filling out an opt-in form, etc.).

The new enhancement just completed in “Autoresponder Detailed Reporting Section” now lets merchants track the performance of each message in each campaign by showing the number of a times each message:

  1. The total number of emails sent
  2. The number of emails opened (if HTML)
  3. The number of emails that bounced
  4. The number of spam complaints for each message
  5. The total number of users that unsubscribed per message

Why We Added These New Autoresponder Reports? – Our previous”Autoresponder Detailed Report” showed only basic information about the entire Autoresponder campaign itself and no detail on the individual messages.

As a result this leaves our merchants little insight on the effectiveness of each message in their email campaigns and whether or not the messages are engaging their users.

Now we already offered these specific metrics for our Broadcast Email feature for several years and our users have been asking for the same level of detail for their Autoresponders and now we’re proud to make these stats available in for our Autoresponders as well.

We plan to build on this initial enhancement in a future release to provide full click-through tracking that will also measure the # and $ value of sales generated from click-through within each message.

This feature is now live in all accounts with email marketing capability. Pretty cool, eh?



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