How to Purge Bad Email Addresses From Your List

list-management1Just got an email question from my friend Jerry West over at & with a question that I’m sure other people are wondering about too.

Jerry wanted to know if it was possible to purge his account of bad (non-deliverable) email addresses. In other words, email addresses that people have used within your optin-forms or squeeze pages, that are really bogus addresses like “”.

The answer is of course! In the video below I’ll walk you through the simple process in just a few minutes. Once you see how easy it is, you’ll be able to do it in your account in less then a minute.

*But before you go crazy and start cleaning your lists like a madman (or woman) a word of caution here. When deleting email address records from your 1AutomationWiz account, please take your time and do it deliberately.

The process is not reversible. So watch the video and then take it slow the first few times you do it.

Learn more about the email list management tools here.

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